PixelBarn is a remote freelance motion design studio

PixelBarn is the collective work of Owner/Designer – Matthew Armstrong. When workload requires we have the ability to grow to meet the needs of any project. The artists, designers and creatives we collaborate with work remotely within our virtual studio.

Founded on the philosophy that we can provide a high quality and creative product regardless of geographic location. We work remotely with clients big and small. From one-time projects to complete branding, we pride ourselves on delivering creative and innovative solutions through a collaborative process that allows our clients to reach their creative goals.

We’re located close to the major metropolitan areas of New England and New York. Our base of operations is located in Oneonta, NY. We believe that physical location should have no impact on the quality, creativity, and cost of services in our business.

I cannot recommend Matthew Armstrong enough – he is one of the most talented people I have met in the broadcast design industry. Our team always enjoys the collaborative process with Matt as we know that his creative insights/ideas and his technical expertise yields great results.

Jason Joly – Director, Broadcast Graphics at MSG Networks

Matthew Armstrong – Owner/Designer

My background, of two decades of experience, includes design and animation for broadcast television, corporate, and entertainment clients. I have worked in nearly every aspect of television production and post production in roles from production assistant to shooter, editor, producer, creative/art/technical director, post-production supervisor, and more, I have helped produce hundreds of regional, national, and international broadcast commercials and graphics packages. I have been involved in the development of intellectual properties from the concept phase throughout production and have the skills to lead projects of any size and execute all aspects of the creative process.

I live and breathe software, love to learn, and take on a challenge that needs problem solving. Among other software I work with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and Maxon Cinema 4D in my normal day to day. I have a passion for design, motion graphics, all things 3D, as well as working with other talented people and artists. Basically I like to create cool things, solve problems, and work with interesting, talented, and inspiring people.

I’m a three time Emmy Award winner and have worked on other award winning pieces that received PromaxBDA and Telly awards.