MSG 2016-2017 Rebrand

We were lucky enough to collaborate again with MSG Networks on their 2016-2017 Network Rebrand. We used Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects for the design, animation, and finishing.

MSG Networks in house team in collaboration with Troika created the overall design/animation framework, we then took those project files and helped build out the entire network rebrand for the 2016-2017 seasons. Some of the animations we created included Game Opens, Show Packages, Bumps, Monitor Loops, and Transitions for all 7 teams MSG covers. For example we created templates, from received assets, and versioned out show packages for each team for MSGs PreGame, Intermission/Halftime, PostGame, Overtime, and Extra shows in addition to dozens of original animations like those in this video.

We also retooled existing assets and created numerous original After Effects template projects for this rebrand. These templates were setup to only allow the user access to elements they needed to change and everything else would populate automatically via user controlled settings. The user had control manually or through spreadsheet the ability to alter things like day/time text, team/player names/numbers/positions/photos, network logos, video inserts, type layouts and overall team color scheme to easily create dozens of version of an element at a time with little to no work.