Hasbro BopIt Smash

This broadcast commercial for Hasbro’s Bop It! Smash toy was a continuation on the design work of one of our artists for an internal marketing sizzle. They liked the design/idea behind that piece so much they decided to use it for this commercial. We were responsible for the all the visuals within this animated commercial. We used Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects for the design, animation, and finishing.

The product is all 3D and was created from a 3D engineering/production file of the actual product that we cleaned up and made usable for animation purposes. Choosing to go with 3D instead of using footage of the product allowed us to animate the lights on the product, that we matched to reference video of the products actual light sequences, to fit best within the shot length that we had.

In addition to this fully animated version of the commercial Hasbro used parts of this animated commercial cut together with video shot for another commercial and a longer length music video. We built transitions into the animated version knowing it would also be used in this video/animated version as well. Hasbro did all the video overlay/tracking graphics internally on those pieces. You can see that video here: Hasbro Bop It! Smash TVC