AfterEffects script that creates an adjustable guide box around any uniformly scaled text layer and limits the width of the text layer to the size of that box.

Useful for things like lower3rds, title graphics, etc. Basically any text situation where you might be creating multiple versions of the same layout and want to easily limit the text layer size without manually adjusting it each time you enter new text. Script works with Left, Center, or Right justified text layers.

This example videos text layer has an added expression to the anchor point property to center the text layer vertically so the scale (controlled by the AutoSizeTextBox) and position are automatically updated.

Anchor expression:
// var x = value[0];
// var y = thisLayer.sourceRectAtTime().height/-2;
// [x,y]


Feel free to reach out via our contact page if you’d like to comment on the script or would like to suggest any improvements we could make to it. Thank you.

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